Cap's Corner: "I was reminded today..."

by Cap McIlnay

I was reminded today, that humanity is, by nature, a fallen, or corrupt one. All one has to do is to look around, and everywhere one looks, they will find examples of this corrupt or fallen nature that we call sin.

I was reminded today, that my church is full of people, who are living within that corrupt nature, and this is why I call them sinful saints. They are sinful, by the very nature of humanity, and they are saints by the very nature of God.

I was reminded today, that in our fallen nature, even here in church, we often times get it wrong. We still judge, we still gossip, we still sin, and that is the way it will always be, until the second coming of Christ.

I was reminded today, even with all of our faults, even with all of our hang-ups, and with all of our sins, we, the church, still is worth going to and worth supporting. Not because we become perfect once we enter the church, because we don’t, but because the church is the best opportunity that we, as sinful saints, can come together and be a part of something that is bigger than ourselves, and even, at times, the church can help us become better than any of us can be on our own.

I was reminded today, that the church, the Body of Christ, is the best possible place for fulfilling the Great Commission of making disciples of Jesus Christ throughout all the nations, and to baptize people in the name of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

I was reminded today, that in fulfilling the Great Commission, the church, with all of those sinful saints, are the ones making the biggest transformation throughout the world. By fulfilling this role, the church is helping bring the Kingdom of God down here to earth, with one saved soul at a time.

I was reminded today, that even though the church has a history of doing some really bad things in the past, as well as in the present, and I am sure in the future, but the church still is the only vehicle called to be the Body of Christ. However, I ask you to remember that every church is full of sinful saints, and sometimes the sinful part gets the better of us, but sometimes, every once and awhile, the church (the universal church) gets it right, and when that happens, it is a beautiful thing. The universal church has fed, has clothed, has sheltered, has educated, has healed, and has taken care of more people than any other organization in the history of all humanity. The universal church is guilty of some terrible atrocities, but it is also guilty of some wondrous and beautiful things as well.

I was reminded today, that my church is no different. We sinful saints have sinned. Some of us have sinned against you, we might have talked about you behind your back, we might have judged you, or we might have misjudged you, and for all of that, we apologize to you and to God. However, sometimes we get it right. Sometimes, we love you, we care for you, and we pray for you the way God calls us to do and to be. In those times, we are the Body of Christ!

I am not just talking about my church, but this is true for all churches, across all denominations, and across time. Each church is filled with imperfect people, sinful saints, who are struggling to do and be the Body that God has called us to be.

Today, I am asking this community, and every community to forgive us, forgive all of us that have not been able to walk the line perfectly, who have failed, not just you, but our God as well. I am asking for you to forgive those that try to be a reflection of the perfect love of God, but all too often fail, and I am asking you not just to forgive, but do not give up on us.

The church, the Body of Christ is still the best place to come together as Christians, to grow as Christians, to love as Christians, and to find ways and places to become who and what God has called you to be.

Please forgive the church, and come back to church, because, as messed up as church is, as messed up as we are, all of us have been called to be much more than ourselves, and that much more is to be a part of The Body of Christ! God has called all of us to become one of those sinful saints within the His Body…still the best place to fulfill His Great Commission.