JoJo's Customs is open for business

by Charles Gerian

JoJo's Customs is looking to become Blackwell's one-stop-shop for custom-designed T-shirts, letter jackets, and Maroon apparel.

On Wednesday afternoon, Kristi Payne was working with a constantly ringing phone and a growing line of customers at the register. The rest of her team were hurrying around the shop helping customers. Payne barely had time to stop and catch a breath on what most people would consider an average, quiet Wednesday afternoon.

JoJo's Customs is located in The Marketplace on Main Street. The shop’s ribbon-cutting was held with the Blackwell Area Chamber of Commerce in November, but Payne said she and her team members have been “hard at work” for the better part of three years building a customer base and getting their brand out into the public eye.

“We do screen printing, embroidery, vinyl heat-transferring, decals, letter jackets, all of it. We also sell sports-related shirts and women's accessories like caps, gloves, and scarves, and it keeps us busy,” she said.

“We're locally owned and operated,” Payne added. “JoJo's literally started from home. The big item that really put us on the map – that got our business out there – was Kara's Game. We did the shirts for them, and John Mitchell (the founder) had encouraged us to go into business as we are now because he was so impressed with the work we had done.”

Payne said shirts weren’t the store’s only “big sellers.”

“Hats,” she said. “People love to get their name on a hat. We specialize in hats.”

When asked how many orders the store gets on average per month, Payne laughed and pointed to a booklet containing 74 order forms.

“We go through about two or three of those monthly, and there are 74 forms in each,” she said.

“I really want to establish a connection with Blackwell,” said Payne. “I want people to know we are a community-focused business with a strong love for this area. I'm looking forward to working with Blackwell Public Schools and the Maroon Spirit because, as of right now, my store and Walmart are the only places you can get Blackwell merchandise, and I'm wanting to expand that.”

Another large draw, Payne said, is the store’s selection of letter jackets.

“When we get letter jacket orders, we don't just buy the jackets and send them off to be printed and customized,” she said. “All of that is done in-house with extreme care and attention to detail so that our customers feel safe with letting us handle such an important piece of clothing. We order the jackets blank and then put the names, patches, numbers, and everything else on there by hand.”

JoJo’s is open Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The store can be reached at 580-789-0608 for orders and inquiries.