Looking Back- Thinking Forward: Blackwell Hospital

by Dale McGaha


If there ever was a time in our city’s history to be galvanized in unity, it is now. Our combined vision will maintain and support our vital medical facilities.

This is a serious time for all leaders in Blackwell to impact their and others future. As I mentioned in an earlier report how some other communities have lost their hospitals. How said!

This is a constant concern for all of our older residents and it should be a serious concern for everyone. As a recent patient at the Blackwell regional Hospital, I have a renewed appreciation for management and employees. The compassionate care and quality service is very much appreciated.

I witnessed first hand how much of a gem that we have in our local hospital on one of my outpatient visits. I noticed the professional and courteous service every time I was there.

It is hoped that this and future articles will help boost more morale and loyalty. The next article will feature some interesting facts about our beloved hospital. Proverbs 29-18.