Jordan Green: What does 2019 mean for "Okies"?

January 03, 2019

What will 2019 mean for we Okies?

When I set out to write this column, I had my thoughts about what would happen in 2019. But I wanted to know what everyone else was thinking. As the New Year approached, I talked to people from Blackwell, Braman, Ponca City, and rural Kay County to find out what they think will happen in their communities and across our state during the New Year. Here’s what they said:

“I believe with our new people in the Oklahoma government, they will make some great changes and the economy will start to turn around. I know Blackwell is a great little town with a big heart and a big vision. It has amazed me how the people in this town have shown their love for their fellow man during this holiday season. There is no doubt that it will continue throughout the New Year. I think 2019 will prove to hold a lot of changes for America’s Hometown.”

Cyndi Mitchell

“I prefer to be positive and expect the best for Blackwell and Oklahoma. We can always find something good or positive if we choose to look for the positive in everyone and everything. Blackwell has many wonderful people, and Oklahoma has so much going for it. I feel the New Year will bring good things to Blackwell and Oklahoma.”

Jaylene Soulek

“I hope for the town of Blackwell that, when they hire a new city manager, it is a person that has long-range planning to put into place. Kevin Stitt is our new governor. I believe that the New Year will be interesting. It will be interesting to see if the issues [Stitt] used as a platform will really be put into place.”

Tracee Bonewell

“I pray for Braman to have a unified vision for the children of our community, to work together to share the gospel of Jesus with them, and for the adults to be faithful disciples fulfilling the call of Christ in their lives. When that happens, God will bless their faithfulness with fruitfulness.”

Trish Harris

“My thoughts are more about need and commitment. We need to see this hospital improvement pass. And we need to strengthen our infrastructure with the water treatment improvements. We can get stronger as a community if we take care of each other.”

Bob Clark

“I am praying for a lot less negativity and more support for the people making decisions in our town.”

Gloria Simunek

“I’m concerned for the community and the state as a whole. Oklahoma’s economy is affected by the price of oil. Notice the cheaper gas price? That means the local oil producers won’t have the money to continue to explore for more oil. Our low fuel price equates to fewer jobs and less exploration for new oil. In turn, unemployment will again rise. The gross production taxes will drop, and the state services it affects will be reduced. Now, I’m a bit of a Pollyanna, so this only has a positive note if Oklahomans pull together and produce a more sustainable product.”

Barbara Nickles

“I’m liking what Pastor Cap McIlnay has started: getting common people involved in helping the elderly and handicapped by doing little jobs for them. I’m thinking that, with prayers and everyone keeping a positive attitude, it will be a better year. I’m believing God will do something with our city government, whatever it takes.”

Jim Turner