Letter to the Editor: Thankful for living in Blackwell

by Richard Coy

As a new year begins, I have been thinking of the several things that make me very thankful for living in Blackwell. I have only lived here 11 years, but I am so grateful for the friendly people and the continued improvements the city makes on the streets. I would also be amiss if I didn’t mention the hometown atmosphere of the First Baptist Church. There are a few other things, in particular I would love to mention:

First, as I watched the Veterans Day parade, I realized that 50 years had passed since I was a medic in the Air Force, working in a Vietnamese Hospital taking care of Vietnamese war injuries. Our unit also supported a Vietnamese orphanage. These humanitarian things were never reported by the U.S. press, nor were we ever given any thanks for our service. It was good to see Veterans being honored. I just wish there were more Veterans in the parade. I dream of the possibility of the VFW providing removable magnetic signs for Veterans to place on our vehicles and encouraged to drive in the parade.

Second, I am very appreciative of the attempt to synchronize the traffic lights on Main Street. Unlike in the past, a person can drive North or South and only stop once, and rarely twice. It is obvious someone went to some work to try to synchronize them.

Third, I really appreciate the brick streets. I have often wondered if there is any other city in Northern Oklahoma that still has any brick streets. Yes, they need repair, but they certainly outlast asphalt. Several years ago, while living in the Alexandria, Virginia area, crews in Alexandria repaired the roughness of their brick streets. I was then a joy and thrill to drive on streets which had been constructed so many years ago. Is there any possibility of finding a crew or company which will take up the bricks, solidify the foundation and re-lay the bricks? Wow! The thought of Blackwell with nice, smooth brick streets would certainly make Blackwell a unique city in this area.

Yes, I like Blackwell, and enjoy living here. I just pray that 2019 will be as memorable as 2018.