Kay County sales tax up from 2017

January 28, 2019

The Oklahoma Tax Commission has released the sales tax numbers for the period of Nov.15-30 and Dec. 1-15 for the local municipalities and counties. The state numbers reflect an increase of approximately $10.9 million compared to 2017. However, in Kay and Grant counties the results are mixed as some areas had a good month and other towns were down in their numbers to last year.

The City of Blackwell continued its downward slide on sales tax for the third month in a row receiving $221,568 compared to $250,046 in 2017, an 11.4 percent decrease to last year. Kay County meanwhile was up 1.4 percent at $315,780 compared to $311,148 in 20147 for the same time period.

The City of Tonkawa showed the largest increase in Kay County with $132,765 this month compared to $119,318 in 2017, an 11.2 percent increase.

Ponca City which has the largest tax base in the county was 1.5 percent up this month with receipts of $1,180,621 compared to $1,162,336 in 2017. Newkirk received $31,522, which was 5.1 percent ahead of the 2017 numbers of $30,008.

The Town of Braman also took a hit with 42 percent decline with only $3,099 compared to $5,274 in 2017. Kaw City saw a 4.5 percent increase with $3,715 this month compared to $3,555 for the same time period in 2017.

Over in Grant County Deer Creek received $613 compared to $741 in 2017, a 17 percent decrease in a year. Meanwhile Lamont showed a 52-percent bump in sales tax with $6,956 compared to $4,588 in 2017. Medford was down 17.5 percent on the latest report collecting only $34,554 compared to $41,849 in 2017. Overall, Grant County received 61,368 this month, which was 8.2 percent ahead of the 2017 number of $56,695.

These numbers are key as the year goes on as the individual budgets of the municipalities rely on a steady sales tax projection and not a decline.