FFA & 4-H bring home top spots in Local; County shows

by Charles Gerian

Blackwell's local livestock show and Kay County's countywide show were both held last week for the second year in a row at the Kay County Fairgrounds.

Here are the FFA and 4H results from Blackwell High School Agricultural Science Instructor Emily Rush:


Champion Angus Heifer - James Tripp; Reserve Champion Angus Heifer - Kent Tripp.

Champion Charolais Heifer - Allee Johnston; Reserve Champion Charolais Heifer - Kyson Head.

Champion Chianina Heifer - Payten Head; Reserve Champion Chianina Heifer - Blake Bergman.

Champion Hereford Heifer - Payten Head; Champion Maintainer Heifer - Allee Johnston.

Reserve Champion Maintainer Heifer - Tucker Jeffries; Champion Simmental Heifer - Kyson Head

Champion Commercial Heifer - Ashlynn Hageberg.; Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer - Cooper Orr. Supreme Heifer - Allee Johnston; Reserve Supreme Heifer - Ashlyn Hageberg .

Champion Angus Steer - James Tripp; Reserve Champion Angus Steer - Sagan Kelle.

Champion Charolais Steer - Cooper Orr; Champion Limoisin Steer - Kent Tripp. Champion Cross Steer - Reid Buellesfeld; Reserve Champion Angus Steer - Dylan Dewitt.Grand Champion Steer - James Tripp; Reserve Grand Champion Steer - Kent Tripp. Cattle Showmanship Senior - Allee Johnston. Intermediate - Tucker Jeffries Ok Okies 4-H. Junior - Jessica Hobaugh Ok Okies 4-H


Champion Hampshire Wether Lamb - Escha Lusk; Reserve Champion Hampshire Wether Lamb - Aiden Patterson.Champion Natural Wether Lamb; Reserve Champion Natural Wether Lamb.

Champion Cross Wether Lamb, Reserve Champion Cross Wether Lamb - Nolan Overman.

Grand Champion Wether Lamb - Daniel Bergfield, Reserve Grand Champion Wether Lamb - Escha Lusk. Champion Hampshire Ewe Lamb - Daniel Bergfield; Champion Shropshire Ewe Lamb - Nolan Overman. Champion Commercial Ewe Lamb - Aiden Patterson; Supreme Ewe Lamb - Aiden Patterson. Reserve Supreme Ewe Lamb - Daniel Bergfield.

Sheep Showmanship Junior - Daniel Bergfield Ok Okies 4-H

Intermediate - Hope Henderson Ok Okies 4-H

Senior - Escha Lusk Blackwell FFA


Grand Champion Wether Goat - Harley May; Reserve Champion Wether Goat - Harley May.

Supreme Doe Goat - Dylan Dewitt Ok. Reserve Supreme Doe Goat - Harley May. Goat Showmanship Junior - Harley May Ok. Intermediate - Dylan Dewitt Ok Okies 4-H


Champion Berkshire Barrow - Makynna Smith; Reserve Champion Berkshire Barrow - Bodie Jeffries. Champion Chester Barrow - Tucker Jeffries; Reserve Champion Chester Barrow - Ashlynn Hageberg. Champion Duroc Barrow - Tucker Jeffries; Reserve Champion Duroc Barrow - Ali Sneath.

Champion Hampshire Barrow - Jake Smith; Reserve Champion Hampshire Barrow - Bodie Jeffries.

Champion Spot Barrow - Jordyn Smith; Reserve Champion Spot Barrow -Jake Smith. Champion Yorkshire Barrow - Colton Tripp; Reserve Champion Berkshire Barrow - Cash Tripp.

Champion Cross Barrow - Reid Buellesfeld.; Reserve Champion Berkshire Barrow - Jake Smith.

Vance Byers; Reserve Champion Berkshire Gilt -Colton Tripp. Champion Chester Gilt - Reid Buellesfeld. Reserve Champion Chester Gilt - Tucker Jeffries. Champion Duroc Gilt - MaKynna Smith. Reserve Champion Duroc Gilt - Tucker Jeffries. Champion Hampshire Gilt - Nolan Overman.

Champion Spot Gilt - Vance Byers. Champion Cross Gilt - Jake Smith. Reserve Champion Cross Gilt - Bodie Jeffries. Supreme Gilt - Makynna Smith. Reserve Supreme Gilt - Jake Smith. Swine Showmanship Junior - Jordyn Smith. Intermediate - Jake Smith. Senior - Nolan Overman.


Blackwell's local show ran all afternoon Sunday, and the County show went from Monday to Thursday. On Friday night, an awards banquet was held. Blackwell's OK Okies and 4-H students once again received top honors.

Harlie May of the OK Okies 4-H placed in Reserve Grand Champion for Wether Goat Premium Lineup with 4th place in class 5. In Ewe Lamb, Aiden Patterson, Daniel Bergfield, and Nolan Overman, also with the OK Okies 4-H, received Bronze Medallion, Champion Hampshire, and Champion Shropshire, respectively. The sponsors were Northern Oklahoma College Agricultural Sciences (sponsoring Aiden and Daniel) and Silvertop Farm and Vineyards (sponsoring Nolan). Aiden Patterson also medaled in Bronze in the Ewe Lamb Premium Line-up.

In the Wether Lamb Premium, Escha Lusk (FFA) received 3rd place in class 4. Nolan Overman of the OK Okies 4-H received 3rd place in class 3. Aiden Patterson of the OK Okies 4-H received 3rd place in lightweight. Daniel Bergfield of the OK Okies 4-H received 2nd place in class 2. Lusk also received Champion Senior Lamb Showman, sponsored by Goodwin Club Lambs.

For livestock judging, Blackwell received four awards. Tucker Jeffries was Champion 4-H Junior Individual, sponsored by Dobson Ranch, while Caleb Edens was Champion 4-H Senior Individual, sponsored by W-O Ranch. Blackwell's Champion 4-H Junior Team, in memory of Brenda Hageberg, consisted of Reid Buellesfeld, Justin Fast, Bodie Jeffries, and Tucker Jeffries. Blackwell's Champion 4-H Senior Team, also in Hageberg's memory, was compiled of Caleb Edens, Wyatt Miller, Hattie Steichen, and Tyler Steichen.

Reid Buellesfeld (4-H) received Supreme Gilt, sponsored by the Fast Family, as well as Champion Chester White Gilt, sponsored by Two Rivers Co-Op. Nolan Overman (4-H) received Champion Hampshire Gilt, also sponsored by Two Rivers.

Gilt Premium Lineup saw Reid Buellesfeld (4-H) take home the top rank -- Supreme – with Tabor Steelman (FFA) being named Reserve Champion. Jake Smith (FFA) received 2nd place in class 4, MaKynna Smith (4-H) was named Reserve Champion, Joycee Buellesfeld (4-H) received 2nd Place in class 2, and Nolan Overman (4-H) was named Champion.

For Barrows, Ashlynn Hageberg (4-H) received Champion Chester White Barrow, sponsored by W-O Ranch. Jordyn Smith (4-H) received Champion Spotted Poland Barrow, sponsored by Neal and Brian Balzer Show Pigs. The Barrow Premium Lineup saw Jordyn Smith as Champion, Makynna Smith as Reserve Champion, Ashlynn Hageberg as Champion, and Tucker Jeffries as Reserve. Colton Tripp with won 2nd Place in class 1.

Top County Produced saw MaKynna Smith and Tucker Jeffries win Top County Gilt and Top County Barrow, respectively. Gilt was sponsored by Neal and Brian Balzer. Barrow was sponsored by Tyson Jackson of Farm Bureau Insurance.

In the Heifers category, Kyson Head received Reserve Supreme (Sooner State Pattern Works), Kyson Head received Champion Charolais (Kay County Farm Bureau Women's Leadership Committee), Allee Johnson received Champion Charolais Composite (JSJ Farms), Blake Bergman received Champion Chianna (Glenny Cattle), and Allee Johnston received Maintainer (Hobaugh Dozer). Kyson Head received Champion Supplemental Heifer (Kay County AFR Local 306).

Heifer Premium went to Kyson Head (Reserve Supreme); Allee Johnston (Champion); and James Tripp (2nd Place in class 1).

In the Steers category, Grand Champion and Crossbred went to Cooper Orr, sponsored by Jeff and Lisa Kubik and Kelle Oil. Steer Premium Grand Champion also went to Orr. Second Place in class 4 Premium Steer and Reserve Champion went to Kent Tripp and James Tripp, respectively. Blake Bergman received 4th Place in class 4. Jessica Hobaugh received Champion Angus Steer, sponsored by Blubaugh Angus Ranch

Jessica Hobaugh received Premium Steer Champion. Dylan Dewitt won 2nd Place in class 4. Sagan Kelle got 2nd place in class 1, and Bodie Jeffries got 1st Place in class 1. Reid Buellesfeld placed 5th
in class 4 and Blake Bergman placed 4th in class 2.

Commercial Pen of Steers saw Kent Tripp and Joseph Tripp for Champion Commercial and Reserve Champion Commercial, both sponsored by Kay County AFR Local 306. In Beef Showmanship, Dylan Dewitt received Champion Intermediate Beef Showman, sponsored by Jason and Kim Shanks.

In total, Blackwell's 4-H and FFA students walked out of the Kay County Livestock Show with over 50 awards and recognitions.