Jordan Green talks Elizabeth Warren

by Jordan Green

Elizabeth Warren, America's favorite not-so-Native-American-daughter, has announced her candidacy for president.

Warren, a U.S. Senator from the state of Massachusetts, said in early February that she would be seeking the most powerful office in the world. She is another addition to an already packed field of Democrats looking to depose President Donald Trump.

Warren gained the attention of Trump during the 2016 campaign, when Trump nicknamed her “Pocahontas,” mocking her purported Native American ancestry.

Throughout her career, Warren has identified as a Native American. She's listed her race as Native American at several different times in her career. Affirmative action, a policy that allows minorities to gain favor in hiring processes due to abuses suffered by their ancestors, may have benefitted Warren. She even went so far as to write on her BAR membership card, which is used to identify professional attorneys, that she was Native American.

However, she was inconsistent about saying she was Native American. CNN Reported “In the 1990s, Harvard Law School touted Warren, then a professor in Cambridge, as being Native American. They singled her out, Warren later acknowledged, because she had listed herself as a minority in an Association of American Law Schools directory. Critics note that she had not done that in her student applications and during her time as a teacher at the University of Texas.”

This raises some questions. First, why didn't she always identify as Native American? And the even bigger question: if she didn't always say she was Native American, then was she?

A recent DNA test seems to say she isn't.

Late last year, Warren revealed the results of an ancestry test she had taken. The test revealed that Warren had one Native American ancestor 6-10 generations before her.

So, does that really make her Native American? It seems not. After coming under fire for her claims of ancestry, Warren issued an apology. The Washington Post had the story.

“Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Tuesday that she was sorry that she identified herself as a Native American for almost two decades, reflecting her ongoing struggle to quiet a controversy that continues to haunt her as she prepares to formally announce a presidential bid,” The Post wrote. “Her comments more fully explain the regret she expressed last week to the chief of the Cherokee Nation, the first time she’s said she was sorry for claiming American Indian heritage.”

With her apology, Warren admitted that she was not, in fact, Native American. So what?

Warren says she based her claim off of information she had been given to her by her family. Obviously, though, it was false. If Warren is willing to lie about her ancestry, what else will she lie about?

The Massachusetts senator has already rolled out her campaign platform for 2020. Warren says she wants to “end Washington corruption, rebuild the middle class, strengthen our democracy, give “equal justice under law,” and create “foreign policy for all.”

But is that really what she wants to do?

Her calling cries are likely to resonate with voters of all parties. Until, of course, they actually see what they're about.

Warren says she wants to end Washington lobbying so as to end corruption. But maybe she should start with a rule that keeps politicians from lying about their ancestry.

She says she wants to rebuild the middle class. But she wants to tax out of existence those horrible rich people who actually employ middle-class people.

She says she wants to strengthen our nation's democracy. And yes, it does need strengthening. Why? Because there is no democracy. America is a constitutional republic, not a democracy. So she'll have to do some serious strengthening work on that.

She also says she wants to eliminate private prisons in the justice system. That sounds great. Then prisoners can all be housed in state-run prisons that are falling apart like those in Oklahoma. The other part to this is that the government wants to get criminals out of prison early in order to reduce prison costs. Sounds safe, right?

She also says she wants to be more diplomatic in foreign policy rather than use our “military might.” Because no one would ever try to start a war, and if they did, then pen would end it, of course. Completely logical.

Warren may have some good-sounding ideas. But that's all they are: good-sounding.

Just like her ancestry, her ideas are just too good to be true.