Looking Back- Thinking Forward: 100 years of Associated Charities

by Dale McGaha

100 YEARS! Not many organizations can be so active, so important, and do so much good as out beloved “Associated Charities”! 212 East Bridge is a very important address in Blackwell and here’s why:

After reading Jordan Green’s great feature article in last Wednesday’s Journal, I realized again how much work and love has gone into this vital agency. Read on!

A lot of people should know how much work and concern that a small group of people connected to the associated charities. I was privileged to be Chairman of the “A.C.” board a few years back. I witnessed first hand the look and joy, and relief on the faces of many recipients of help.

Hardship can fall on a family due to no fault of their own. God bless the churches, businesses and individuals who have consistently given donations of food or cash throughout the years. Most of us have the opportunity to make a lasting impression on this and future generations. Let’s not let this or future generations down. Our community must maintain a viable charity, hospital, retail and industrial firms to remain a stable, safe community.

Blackwell has always been noted for being a good clean, friendly and interesting town. We can look back with fond memories, but we must look forward to even better days. We are guided by good words in proverbs 29-18 to always have vision for the future.

I would like to suggest and encourage all our city, civic, church and business leaders to plan a semi-annual food drive. Perhaps it could be called, “One Great Day for Blackwell”. Surely several businesses could set up a special table to receive donations.

We all owe a big thank you to the present manager, Jenny Johnson and board members who are dedicating many hours to this vital service in Blackwell. Also, many thanks to all previous workers. I know any gift you can share how will be greatly appreciated.