April 2 Election Results: Hospital and Hotel Tax both pass

by Charles Gerian

Yesterday, April 2, Kay County residents took to the polls to determine the fate of Blackwell Regional Hospital by extending a current sales tax that would allow a complete overhaul and modernization of Blackwell's aged Hospital structure. Voters also determined if the Hotel/Motel Tax would be raised from 6% to 8% to support Blackwell tourism.

The unofficial pre-provisional results came in at 9:13 a.m. The final results will be available Friday at 5 p.m. A story will be featured in next week's issue of the BJ-T.

Proposition 1 regarding the Hotel/Motel Tax saw 651 votes for YES across three polling locations and 408 against it.

Proposition 2 regarding the Hospital extension tax saw 900 vote YES against 166.

In Newkirk, 87 residents voted for Brian Hobbs as Mayor against 28 for Roy Dietrich.

In Tonkawa, Ward 4 Councilman went to Scott Klufa with 196 votes vs the 172 cast for Rick Allan.

Stacy Burns received 281 votes for Council against Joe Kingery who had 88 votes.

Deer Creek-Lamont Schools (DCLA) had Kirk Schuelein with 50 votes and Kellan Hohmann with 62 for Office No. 4.

Frontier Schools had 116 for Dennis L. Wilson and 17 for James Bible for Office No. 4.

Ponca City Public Schools saw David Kinkaid with 861 votes for Office No. 4 across 20 locations, beating Amanda Porter-Cain who had 280.

The Town of Braman had 36 votes for Marv Sandbek as Office No. 1 against Michael Barton with 32.

James R. Lunn in Braman had 33 votes for Office No. 3 versus the 29 for Donna Campbell and 6 for Cristy Reneau.

Comprehensive and finalized results will be featured in next week's April 10 issue.