Trash-Off Day to be held April 27

by Charles Gerian

Blackwell's Trash-Off Day is scheduled for April 27, and will not feature public dumpsters for the fist time in the initiative's 6 year lifespan.

The decision was first heard from the Blackwell City Council meeting earlier this month when officials including City Manager Janet Smith concluded that the public dumpsters were not worth the combined trouble of having crews to clean them as well as Blackwell citizens using them improperly by simply discarding garbage next to them or diving into them to salvage trash.

“We used to have a dumpster at the Fairgrounds and one on 13th and Blackwell,” Chamber of Commerce Executive Director John Robertson said, “and this year we're going to avoid all the hassle that came with those.”

The Citywide cleanup will begin at 9 a.m. With everyone wishing to partake being told to meet at the fairgrounds.

“We're going to have vests, gloves, and trash-bags ready for those that show up and then depending on the turnout we're going to separate into groups. The kids will cleanup our local parks like Legion and Bagby while the adults will take heavier-traffic areas like Highway 11 headed out to I-35,” said Robertson.

Davis Sanitation Transfer Station will also be open that Saturday from 8 a.m.- 8 p.m located on east Coolidge past the First Christian Church.

The station is free to Blackwell citizens and will not accept dirt, rocks, tires, anything toxic, shingles. They will accept paint, but only if you open the can of paint to dry out beforehand.

Davis would like any contractors with construction debris to not use the transfer station, but will allow owners who are remodeling only. They would like the construction debris to brought in separate loads, and not all at once.