Hubbard Road closed until further notice

by Charles Gerian

Hubbard Road, re-opened in late 2018 after nearly a year of construction work, is once again closed due to the damaging floodwater from last week's storms.

The Kay County Sheriff's Department issued a statement today:

"Our office has just been advised by the county commissioner that Hubbard Road at the Chikaskia river bridge (between "P" and "Q" streets) will be closed until further notice. This is a safety factor and not to be taken lightly."

Continuing on, the statement read that "this area of the road has been deemed dangerous for motorists."

The Sheriff Department urged motorists not to drive around the barriers, and said that If the situation changes they will post the updates.

"But as of now we have no idea how long to expect the road closure to last. Thank you for your consideration and please share this information with family and friends."