"Our" View: Trump vs Democrats after being proved innocent with Russia

by Jordan Green

What goes around comes around. And for Democrats on Capitol Hill, their turn's coming.

President Donald Trump has directed the federal government to reveal the origins of a surveillance operation conducted of the 2016 presidential election. The president has requested that this information be revealed following the conclusion of the Mueller investigation, which confirmed that Trump had not colluded with Russia.

It's a transparent, fair request on the part of the president. Democrats got to find out plenty of information about what he did on the campaign trail, though it was ultimately revealed that he did nothing illegal. With Trump being found innocent, it is only proper for Republicans to quiz Democrats. It is obvious that surveillance measures were implemented by the opposition party, which was headed up by Barack Obama. Christopher Steele was hired to get whatever dirt he could on Trump – and, as we have come to find out, most of it was a lie.

We know that Democrats called for the investigation into Trump's campaign. But the motive for it is up for debate, and it's something the American people deserve concrete answers about. Saying that Democrats set out to destroy the president simply because they philosophically disagree with him has been a long accepted answer as to why the investigation was called for, but that answer can only go so far. For Democrats to go out of their way to target the president over spilled milk like the 2016 election just isn't good enough. A more acceptable, plausible answer is that the party set out to defame the president in an attempt to cover up some misdeed of its own. After all, Trump ran on – and was elected because of – his promises to “drain the swamp” in Washington. The threat of a good “smear” campaign might be enough to stop some efforts to reveal the truth in Washington. Democrats, of course, found out too late that such a campaign wouldn't stop this president.

Of course, it's entirely possible that Democrats haven't done anything illegal. Just like Trump.

All we have to do is find out.

The blue party has left the country with more questions than answers following all of its preposterous prying. The American people deserve to know why Democrats instigated a “witch hunt.” With Trump's latest action, we are one step closer to finding out.

Democrats have had their fun, but playtime is over. It's time for Democrats to get a taste of their own medicine.