Looking Back- Thinking Forward: "Everything does not come easy"

by Dale McGaha

Looking Back – Thinking Forward

Recently, a friend from a large city in Oklahoma said, “she hopes to retire in Blackwell.” Why Blackwell, I said, she replied, “Because of the low crime rate, and we know our neighbors here.”

It is likely that you and your neighbors may feel the same way. So, you see, we are not alone in our quest to draw attention to ways we need to improve our living conditions in Blackwell

The Big question then is to work in unity with all parts of Blackwell’s community. Read on:

This is your town too, so of course you should be concerned, especially if there are known problems. If nothing else, we should be concerned about our property values!! Were all in this same boat. We need to be working on some solutions even if it is a small matter. If ignored, small matters can easily become big matters in a short period of time.

Everything does not come easy, especially if there is a lack of unity. There is going to be some obstacles to some plans, but there doesn’t have to be a lack of hope for the future. Let’s make a new city – wide moto, “Make Blackwell Better.” The Blackwell J.T. will soon announce a campaign to call attention to the reason why you like living in Blackwell.

So, remember, it’s not just about us, it is about the generations to come. Lets all get our heads together and make plans to make Blackwell better again.