Blackwell making big plans for Homecoming 2019

by Charles Gerian

City Manager Janet Smith is working with citizen led groups in Blackwell in anticipation of Homecoming 2019 and making plans to have some surprises in store for both alumni and current students.

For the next several weeks there will be meetings with the Tourism Board, the Museum Board, the Chamber of Commerce, the citizen-led Skate Park group, and others to re-imagine the City and use some of the Recreational Sales Tax dollars that have been building and are dedicated to things that invite visitors to come and have fun.

One of biggest items on the city manager’s list is called a “SUTU” Wall. It is an interactive soccer wall that you can access using your smartphone. The city is looking to “repurpose” the tennis courts at Memorial Park and the SUTU Wall could be placed on one side of the courts while the other side is multi-purposed for “Pickle Ball” while it can still be used for Tennis or Badminton, etc.

Other ideas for Memorial Park include upgrading the skateboard park, adding more seating, and working with the Youth Center to upgrade their building.

Call City Hall to make an appointment to visit with the City Manager. The plan is to present the ideas to the City Council at the August 15 meeting.