McGaha: Blackwell and B.F.A.B.B.

by Dayle McGaha

“B.F.A.B.B.” What in the world does this mean? Well folks, it’s short for “BOOST FOR A BETTER BLACKWELL!”

Without lapsing into a swoon of nostalgic remorse or negativism, I have intended to give real meaning to the concept of “Looking Back – Thinking forward.”

We have attempted to present an open dialog to see if we as a society has taken it’s foot off the gas and starting to coast.

Once of our readers in another city has dubbed this as “R.T.M.” (regression to mediocrity”)

Please read on:

Of course, our main emphasis should be to continually “Boost for a better Blackwell!” We want other to think positive, hoping to build up, not tear down!

Let’s encourage other to push for good, old fashioned service based on the “Golden Rule”! Let’s show more appreciation for some things we may be taking for granted . Let us remember the old and reliable values that our beloved community was founded on: strong character and reliability were of utmost importance.

We must not lose our vision for the future – Please re-read Proverbs 29-18.