Looking Back- Thinking Forward: Boosting Blackwell

by Dayle McGaha

We are hoping this little phrase will catch on to lots of you folks that call Blackwell your home! Your positive input is vital at this “crossroads time” in this region of our great state!

We will continue to call attention to viable solutions that will help build unity in all areas of a city’s life – businesses, schools, churches, civic clubs, chamber of commerce, industries, etc!!

We will be making announcements of new businesses and services as they are known, but not overlook the good solid businesses we now have to serve a wide trade territory.

Remember, many visitors and shoppers drive into our “Fair” city from numerous Kay and Grant counties. Not to mention a certain percentage of the 18,500+ traffic count per day that cross the I-35/Highway 11 junction. That’s why the “222” junction is a lucky number for our little town!

So, thank God for our city leaders who are standing firm to make the right decisions with our future endeavors in mind.

The Blackwell J.T. will be announcing new addition to our business community as they occur. I will try to focus on the personalities involved, especially for those who are “Boosting for a better Blackwell”!!