Looking Back- Thinking Forward: Still boosting Blackwell?

by Dayle McGaha


It may be that some folks have such a love for their own self-sufficiency that they begin to lose their sense of community. Read on:

One or two leaders can not do it alone – it takes many good minds to see real progress in any effort.

In looking back in our history, I know that there some good men & women at the helm of many Blackwell groups. They had influence and cooperation both inside and outside their organizations. Their word was their bond.

With the sharing of workable ideas and a real boost of faith in our community, there is no reason why we as citizens can not expect a better Blackwell in the future. We need to quit struggling with doubt and just start boosting everything we can think of.

We urge you to share your thoughts and constructive ideas on how to improve our “fair” city! Your boosting remarks could help other to step up and offer some new solutions to help our town.

We will soon be hearing of some new businesses and improvements that will benefit all our trade territory.

So, come on folks, let’s hear some of your positive comments and let’s demonstrate more faith to all that we meet – it’s the Blackwell thing to do!