Jordan Green says to "Make a difference" and support students

by Jordan Green

Every small town has them. The people who are never happy. The people who always find something negative to say. The people who always want to play Devil’s Advocate just to do it.

Last week, one of those people put a post on a local social media page that really bothered me. This person – whose name I will not say because it isn’t worth the paper upon which it would be printed – said he was embarrassed by my high school’s football team and band. He said their opponents did a better job than they did. He then criticized the quality of teachers my school has – some of whom have devoted most of their careers to working in the district. He also made the oh-so-classy decision to make the post political, saying our school district’s leadership is poor.

A few days after that post, a former school teacher caught me at the county fair and asked me to put some positive news in the paper. So that’s just what I’m going to do.

If you’re looking to do some good in the world this week, I’ve got something for you: Support students at your local schools who participate in fine arts and athletics.

In my hometown of Blackwell, we are fortunate to have some outstanding intramural activities. We have some of the best choirs in the state, as shown by the long list of awards singers have earned in recent years. The vocal department has a new choral director, and he is doing an awesome job, from what I hear.

Our high school band members are making some great music of their own. They’re playing at every football game, providing encouragement and support to our football team. They’re also marching in parades around the area so that they can share their music with others. As a matter of fact, the band marched in a parade at Perry on Saturday, and they did a spectacular job. I was proud to see my school band there.

When you go to an event like a band or choir concert, you’re showing our diligent students that you recognize and appreciate their talent and dedication. Learning music is never easy, and students and teachers put in a lot of time to perfect it. So get out to the high school auditorium and thank them for sharing their musical talents with the community. I’m of the opinion that the arts are some of the greatest community services people can offer; few things have the ability to inspire and motivate people like music.

We’re fortunate to have plenty of students who have a love for that. So show them that you care.

In addition to a long list of wonderful musical events, we’ve got some exciting athletic events coming up at Blackwell High School. Football season is here, so get out and cheer on the Maroons as they kick the old pigskin around. Though I am not an athlete, I admire people who have athletic ability, and Blackwell has some kids with plenty of it.

And let’s not forget our talented artists! Blackwell High School has one of the best art teachers around, and we’re lucky to have her. Her students produce some beautiful works, including paintings, sculptures, and just about everything else you could image. Blackwell’s students consistently win more awards at area art shows than students from other schools do. Go up to the high school and admire their works. You won’t be disappointed.

The more I think about that post, the more I realize what a miserable life the person who posted it must live. To look at such wonderful students and say that you’re embarrassed by what they do – and then to insult their educators and administrators – is absolutely pitiful. That person is probably just jealous that he was never as talented or intelligent as the students we have now are.

This week, get out and support students at your local schools. Whether they’re musicians, artists, or athletes, they work hard to perform for you. Show them that you care about them and that you appreciate what they do.

Make a difference. This week, get out and support students involved in extracurricular activities. Some people just aren’t good enough to do that.