Firefighters purchase new dodgeballs for Blackwell Elementary

by Charles Gerian

If you can dodge flames, you can dodge a ball.

That seemed to be the case for members of the Blackwell Fire Department, who last week donated two bags of new dodgeballs to the physical education program at Blackwell Elementary School. Firefighters even stuck around to help students “break them in.”

“We came here for Fire Prevention Week in early October and realized there was a need for new [sporting] equipment here,” firefighter Lee Madden said. “The dodgeballs they had were falling apart, so we got on Amazon and ordered these because we wanted to give back to the kids.”

Baylee Cline, the school’s physical education instructor, said she was extremely grateful for the donation.

“These dodgeballs were about a decade old, held together with tape, and falling apart,” she said when speaking of the old dodgeballs. When speaking of the news ones, she said: “I can tell already that the kids love them. When the fire department told me they got these, I couldn't believe it. It was such a nice thing for them to do.”