Looking Back- Thinking Forward: "misery loves company, but gladness gives success"

by Dayle McGaha

They say misery loves company, but we must not give in to those to complain about situation, but never offer a solution. Read on:

Yes, we are aware of several problems in our community, but we also believe we are the only town with similar situations.

You too can help people stop majoring in something minor. We need to start looking for some good things in our region. A good example of good news was last Saturday’s arts & crafts show at our beautiful event center. These events bring people together. What a good show too!!

I’ll repeat, with all our losses in the last few years, we still have a lot to be thankful for.

We need a revival of good spirit and go the extra mile in most cases. Your positive comments would do a world of good!

Let’s all continue to Boost for A Better Blackwell! People want to see answers to their prayers! If we work for unity, we will build more faith for the future.

Yes, misery loves company, but gladness gives success.
Be MORE kind to one another!