Blackwell Middle School hosts State convention

by Charles Gerian

Blackwell Middle School hosted the 2019-2020 Oklahoma Association of Middle and Junior High Student Councils (OAMJHSC) Convention at the Event Center here in Blackwell last Thursday and Friday.

Students from all over Oklahoma helped to fill 257 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

BMS Student Council, in a post on their Facebook, asked that Blackwell residents please consider sponsoring a box to help with the shipping costs.

The cost is $9 a box to mail, and those wishing to help can contact Blackwell Middle school or Masie Peetoom to help cover the shipping on a box or as many as the benefactors can.

A check or money order can be mailed to Blackwell Middle School, 1041 South 1st, Blackwell, OK 74631. Checks can be made to Samaritans purse or BMS with a memo to “Samaritans Purse” or money may be taken directly at the school.

The OAMJHC provides laboratories in which students can “learn and practice essential citizenship skills, respect for human dignity, and the value of the democratic process” according to their mission.

The organization aims to encourage the formation, development, and expansion of middle and junior high school student councils in Oklahoma, to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences among the members of the OAMJHSC, to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences between the members of the OAMJHSC and the National Association of Student Councils, and to provide training and development of leadership skills and abilities for middle and junior high school student leaders.

The Oklahoma Association of Middle School and Junior High Student Councils consists of students throughout the state of Oklahoma.

Any public, private, or parochial middle or junior high school student council in the state of Oklahoma is eligible to become a member school.