Looking Back- Thinking Forward: That's why they call it the blues

by Dayle McGaha


Yes, many people do have them, and this is why you and I need to do all we can to help offset as many as we can. Read on:
How do we offset the blues; you ask? May I suggest you make a “help” list, naming all of the folks that you know who are living alone. Next, make a list of those who may have lost a relative or good friend in the last year. Now, surely you know of some family that might be having a hard time this past year.

Still need another hit of someone to cheer up. How about one of you good friends who had to move away due to age, family matters or job relocation.
I bet you have got the picture now – so may I urge you to go to the phone and give that friend or loved one a call – or send a quick “thinking of you” card or note today!
I believe these “acts of kindness” are true treasures the receiver will remember the rest of their lives!!
Good things happen when good people do good acts of kindness.

The golden rule is really “golden”.
Let’s all keep on Boosting for a Better Blackwell!
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