Officer Mitchell pleads "Not Guilty"; Motion to quash filed

by Mike Monahan

Blackwell Police officer John Mitchell was back in a courtroom for the first time since his preliminary hearing in February on May 26.

The arraignment hearing was held in Newkirk where Mitchell through his attorney entered a plea of not guilty.

Mitchell’s attorney, Gary James also filed a motion to quash the indictment and the information filing with the court and the appropriate brief. District Judge Lee Turner gave the state led by Stephens County District Attorney Jason Hicks until June 23 to respond and the defense will then have until July 6 for their response to the state.

Judge Turner has set a hearing date for Tuesday July 14 on the motions and the briefs.

Any other updates will be posted on our website as we continue to follow the case as the motion to quash had not been downloaded on any of the court websites (OSCN.Net or on demand court records)