Looking Back- Thinking Forward: The Meaning of Thanksgiving

by Dayle McGaha

Looking Back – Thinking Forward

OPENING STATEMENT: What Does Thanksgiving mean to you? I believe it is one of the most important holidays when we should reflect on the many blessings we have had in our lifetime. This is a good time to thank our Lord for his many blessings. I urge you to thank someone today for their loyal friendship and care.

PROVERBS 2-14: Discretion will guard you; knowledge will enter your heart.

DAYLE-VERB: There is not enough words to describe and show appreciation for our friends in our lifetime.

PASTORS’S POINT: “Remember, your own best laid plans are never as good as God’s”. (Not thy will, but yours be done.)

POLITICAL POINT: We desperately need election reforms to guarantee our true “Democracy”!

NOTABLE QUOTE: Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” (John F. Kennedy)

POSITIVE POINT: An act of kindness takes on a special meaning when an old friend shows up on your front door with a mess of fresh tomatoes! Even a friendly hello works wonders too!

WISE-WARNING: Be serious about the medical leaders’ guidelines that could save yours or a friend’s life! Set a good example!

SILLY-SONG: “Deck the halls with sanitizer”, fa la, fay fa la!!!

DAYLES DREAM: This would be a good time for us to give an extra donation of food or money to our beloved main charity in Blackwell, The Associated Charities, so they can bless the less fortunate.

COLUMN CLOSER: Let us all make someone’s heart rejoice by checking on the elderly, live alones, or just someone you have not heard from lately. Be sure to thank the ones who have checked on you too! And please, check on those “furry friends” too! Those precious pets are some of God’s blessings! A positive attitude will go a long way to build hope and faith. Let us keep on praying for our city, state and nation!