Looking Back- Thinking Forward: The refugee situation & more

by Dayle McGaha

O P E N I N G STATEMENT. REALITY CHECK – Some years ago, my oldest brother said, “If our country does not control the refugee situation, our various medical, school and social security could face serious economic problems.”

Read on: Some of our national leaders have given some green lights to many countries and now are facing challenges unknown before! It could get worse, and it will affect millions of our citizens. I urge you to study the issues and speak up while we still can do something. We need some readers who will put “FEET to their prayers! We need more people doing the right thing.

PROVERBS 21-3: “To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice.”

DAYLE VERB: Bad things can happen when good people do nothing to correct bad actions or dealings.”

NOTABLE QUOTE: “Good people are good because they have come to wisdom through failure.” (William Saroyn)

WISDOM WORD: Never open the refrigerator when you are bored!

WISE WARNING: Never allow anyone to intimidate you.

PASTORS POINT: “When reading self-help books, be sure to include the bible!”

BOOSTING BIT: Hats off to the fine ladies who made our visit to the Kay County Fair more enjoyable! Our Kay County Extension club directors and exhibitors are the best! Thank you to all the workers for an extra fine job!!

CLOSING COMMENT: I repeat, check on the elderly, the sick or the lonely often. It always pays big and important dividends. God Bless our City, County, State and Nation! Your comments are welcome at the BJT!