Who has the best water in Blackwell? Sonic? Potros? Who knows? I do.

by Charles Gerian

Who has the best restaurant water in Blackwell?

I know what you’re thinking: “what?” but hear me out.

So ever since I decided to kick the soda pops in favor of a revolutionary new diet based entirely around counting calories, eating healthier, exercising, smoking, vaping, drinking vodka every night, and having at least 2 energy drinks a day, I’ve become quite experienced at ordering and tasting the different waters that local eating establishments have to offer.

So how does YOUR favorite place to eat stack up?


It’s no surprise that Potros has the best water. They consecutively have had the best fountain drink sodas since they opened (on par even with Arby’s when they still had Pepsi products) but their water is in a league of their own.

It’s cold, refreshing, and that lemon slice really just brings the entire package together while you’re trying to shove as many chips into your mouth as humanly possible. It also pairs well with a nice Corona, and their waiters never let that big cup go empty without a refill.


Sonic is America’s Drive-in, and if you can whip into one of the 7 stalls that actually work and get your hands on a Route 44 water with easy ice, you’ll be in heaven.

Sonic’s ice is absolutely banging, everyone knows that, but whatever mystical artesian well they source their water from just makes it so much better while you’re sitting there at one of their 4 stalls, getting your meal.

They do lose points, however, because you can’t order water as a combination meal drink from the app, you have to order is separately, which is stupid. I know the alternative would be to just pull up to one of the two stalls that work and pressing the big red button, but that requires socializing and some days (every day) that just ain’t it.


It was hard for me to place Braum’s so low, as their water is absolutely my favorite of the three, but the problem with Braum’s water is that it’s a bit too far out of the way compared to Sonic. I know that Potros is the same distance (roughly) but you go to Potros on a mission and you know you’ll be there for at least an hour. Braum’s is not as convenient to go all that way, whip through the drive-thru, and return home or to work.


Blackwell’s Main Street sandwich business has great pickles, but they don’t offer those as a drink (yet, wink wink) so i opt for the water to go with whatever I get from here. It’s very fine water, and is the perfect companion to any meal you could get from there.

It lacks the polish of Braum’s water or Sonics, but it’s served in one of those restaurant cups which I think adds to the flavor.


I frequently go with my dad to eat breakfast at Bob’s Grill usually around 6:30 - 7 in the morning, and while Bob’s Grill probably just uses some lightly filtered version of Blackwell’s tap water, that hits differently when it’s the first thing you drink in the morning.

They also don’t have limes or lemons or anything, so they provide you with a juice pack to put in there and once you mix that up, oh God in Heaven it really just makes it so much better.



Blackwell’s VFW Post serves their water out of a bottle into a nice plastic cup that they enhance with a finely distilled vodka out of a bottle and a TruLime packet. It’s my favorite water but it is, unfortunately, not as “healthy” as the other choice I have presented here this week.

Prairie Smoke BBQ also deserves an honorable mention, their water is very nice, and I wish them the best.