Pastor Mike: Veterans Day

November 08, 2023

Greetings Everyone,

 As we approach Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day, it is appropriate

to think about all of the good things we have. Sometimes it is hard to

recognize how lucky we really are to live in this wonderful community 


great country. We have so many good things surrounding us but yet it 


that often we want more, much more.

     We should never forget or take for granted the sacrifices that have

been made so that we can live as we do. Through the years many people 


made the ultimate sacrifice and died for our country. Many others have


in wars and served in the military to defend our freedoms. All of these

people need to be remembered and thanked, especially this time of year


we pause to think about the sacrifices of so many for us.

     All that we have as Americans comes because of the hard work and

efforts of the people that came before us. History tells the stories of


of the things that have occurred to get us to this place. Not everything

that has happened has been good but it is the mix of the good and the

not-so-good that makes us who we are as individuals and as a country.

     The same holds true for all who are Christians. The forgiveness we

have from our sins was bought at a price. Jesus Christ died on a cross 


that sin and evil would be defeated. He arose from the dead and is in

Heaven, showing all that death and destruction was not the end of the

story. Jesus paid the price so that we could have eternal life with Him 


we will accept him as our Lord and Savior.

     We are blessed beyond measure. What you might ask is a blessing? 


dictionary defines blessing in many ways, but the one I want us to think

about says "a blessing is a favor or gift bestowed by God." Think about

that for a moment. Have you received a gift or favor from God? Have you

received something you don't really deserve, something that is so good 


something you couldn't afford to buy? Blessings come in many forms and

they come from God Almighty.

     The biggest gift mankind has received is our Lord Jesus Christ. We

cannot buy our salvation nor can we earn it. Our salvation is a gift 


God. All we have to do is accept it. Why would Jesus die on the cross?


why, why? It is because He loves each of us. He loves us so much that he

came down from Heaven, lived as a person like us, died on the cross and

then arose to return to Father God. The main thing to remember is that 


didn't ask for and it can't be bought. Salvation is a gift paid for on 


cross by Jesus.

     Jesus loves us, me and you, so very much. He gives us the 


to receive eternal life, but He gives us so much more. When we pause and

think about all of the good things we have, we need to acknowledge that


has been responsible for many of them, if not all. We are blessed with

family and friends. My church family is a blessing as I'm sure yours is.


each have so much to be thankful for. We are blessed with so much beyond

our wildest dreams.

     As we celebrate Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. I hope you will 


your blessings and realize that it is not luck that got us here. It is 


bountiful blessings of God and the sacrifices of many, especially Jesus

Christ, that allows us the freedoms that we have. Blessings to all.