Blackwell High School renovation continues

by Charles Gerian

Blackwell High School’s extensive renovation project is wrapping up another crucial phase before starting it’s most extensive stretch yet.

The former C wing, now named Victory Hall, is expected to be completed by next week, with the Choir / Band Hall and Auditorium due to be finished by the return to school in January 2024 after Christmas Break.

The Auditorium has been completely gutted and re-done with a new sound system and bathrooms, as well as new seating, bringing the high school’s most utulized space into the modern age. The auditorium is used throughout the year by various schools in the district for graduations and assemblies and is also the home to Blackwell High School’s prom check-in in the Spring. Until the pandemic it was also utilized for high school graduation, but that has since been moved to a seemingly permanent fixture on the BHS football field.

The next stage of the renovation will be the biggest one yet, according to High School Principal Gerry Magin.

The next stage will see the library, study center, art room, and cafeteria all closed until December of 2024.

“This is all flexible,” said Magin, “it could be sooner or later depending on a wide range of variables including weather or any other issues.”

In the meantime, a temporary library will be stationed out of the Choir Hall’s storage area.

The cafeteria’s closure will see food brought in from the middle school daily with food being served at the front of the school’s Study Center in a make-shift feeding line and then students will bring it over to the school’s old gym on the east side of the campus.

The current cafeteria, which is located on the south side of the school currently, will be completely demolished with a new state-of-the-art one built in it’s place.

“The advantages for students, teachers, staff and the community will be a first class facility and features both technologically and functionally that bring us as good or better than any school .

This type of facility also creates a tremendous sense of pride for all concerned,” said Magin.