Business booms at Arthur's Bar & Grill

by Charles Gerian

Blackwell’s newest bar, Arthur’s, is entering their third month of business and has learned a thing or two from their brief and wildly successful time in Blackwell, according to Sabrina Ward, co-owner of the bar and restaurant.

“We’ve learned a lot, we’ve changed a lot,” said Ward on a cold and rainy Thursday last week at the business location in the old Harvey’s on Dewey and 3rd.

“When we opened just before Homecoming, we never could have expected the way the community has really been so supportive of us, the feedback has been fantastic,” Ward said.

“I think the most surprising thing for us has been just how successful the restaurant side of Arthur’s has been,” said Ward.

“Obviously we wanted to provide great food and drinks, but the restaurant aspect really took off and people have just been wildly supportive of that. We’ve had to make changes to the menu, try new things, we’ve gotten really such good feedback and it’s encouraged us to really branch out from where we started.”

“We have families coming in here, there’s one family that comes in several times a week,” she continued. “They have a little girl and she has so much fun because she can hangout here with her parents- they all eat, they play some pool or darts, and it’s just so neat to see how it’s really become a family-friendly establishment.”

Arthur’s recently incorporated a Kid’s Menu to their kitchen until 8 p.m.

Their full menu is available from 11 am-8pm Wednesday-Saturday and ALL day, 11am-7pm on Sundays.

Currently, Arthur’s has brought pork on as a limited-time menu item, allowing customers to add it to burgers and fries, which Ward said has had a great response as well.

“And we don’t want people to forget that even after our grill closes, we still can always make pizzas and serve sheet cake, and of course our complimentary popcorn is always available no matter the time,” Sabrina said.

Of course, the restaurant aspect of Arthur’s is only one-half of the “bar and grill”.

As for Arthur’s as a popular nightlife spot, Sabrina and her husband Brandon have been just as surprised by that as well.

“Brandon is a dreamer, of course, and this is exactly what he had in mind when we started this journey to bring Arthur’s to life back in 2022. We do Singo which has been a big hit, and we are currently talking about alternating between that and Trivia Night every other week. People really love those nights,” said Sabrina.

Arthur’s most successful venture has, by far, been karaoke.

“People love our karaoke nights,” said Sabrina, “we have so many people coming in for that, and they have a blast doing it. Everyone just gets on stage and has so much fun.”

The bar’s next karaoke date is January 13.

Currently, Arthur’s is gearing up to have two live music shows with their first being The Fugitives this weekend, December 9 from 9 p.m. until midnight and then Larry Newsome on Saturday, December 16 at 9 p.m.

Arthur’s is also hosting an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party on December 15 beginning at 9 p.m. where a prize will be given to the “Ugliest Sweater”.

Sabrina Ward also mentioned that a New Years’ Party has been discussed with plans expected to be announced within the coming weeks.

Arthur’s also requested that a special mention be made to any customers who hear a train whistle while they’re in the bar…find your local bartender, and tell them what you heard, and they’ll take care of the rest.